Wallick Wire

Non-Profit Created to
Implement Resident Services
at Wallick Communities

This past month a new non-profit organization
was formed — Resident Resources Network, Inc. —
to oversee the resident services programs at
Wallick communities.








Property Management Division Continues Growth

Wallick has added 26 more affordable housing communities to its property management portfolio since the beginning of 2011. These 1,800 units are in the Midwest — Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota — with effective dates in first quarter 2011.

“In anticipation of this expansion, we’ve been ramping up our internal staffing and capabilities to continue to provide the highest possible level of service to new and existing customers and residents,” said Wallick CEO Tom Feusse.

This brings Wallick’s total units under management to 14,000 in more than 200 communities.



Betty Howton was named its first Executive Director. She previously oversaw resident services at The Heritage, a 384-unit community serving families in Columbus, Ohio. Unveiled last June, the program is launching at apartment communities Wallick manages in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo.
Employment Tops Residents' Needs

There are 10,000 families who live in Wallick communities. Of these, over 8,000 are headed by single mothers. “These single moms face life challenges that most of us in the business community cannot begin to understand,” said Wallick CEO Tom Feusse. “We know our residents’ number one need is employment, although many lack the work or life skills necessary in today’s competitive job market.”

Some face practical barriers like not having transportation or affordable, reliable child care; others contend with employment barriers including a lack of experience and education, not having effective interviewing skills, and similar challenges.

Another goal of Resident Resources Network is to help the 20,000 children who live at Wallick’s communities by providing them opportunities to break out of the circumstances they were born into.

“In addition to providing decent, clean, responsible and secure housing, Wallick is committed to doing more. For us, it meant creating a new model for delivering supportive services to our residents,” Feusse added. “We’re doing this because we think it's the right thing to do. We realize that we cannot solve every problem, but we do think we can make a difference.”

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