Complete Self-Review Section Before April 15

 April 5, 2018 — If you started with Wallick prior to 7/1/2017, please complete your performance self-review in Dayforce before 4/15/2018. We highly recommend every associate take the time to reflect on their performance in 2017 and take the opportunity to identify contributions and any development needs with your manager. The performance review process will continue as followed:

Process Steps Date Due Required
Associate Self-Review  4/15/2018 Highly Recommended
Manager Review  4/30/2018 Required
Manager & Assoc. Meet to Review Performance  5/20/2018 Required
Assoc. Sign-off  5/20/2018 Required
Manager Sign-off  5/31/2018 Required
Goals entered in Dayforce for 2018 review period
(Goals either assigned and entered by manager or mutually agreed upon and entered by the associate)
 5/31/2018 Required

Please use the resources and video link below to complete the performance review process in Dayforce. If you have questions, contact Woody Schmitz at (614)-552-5655 or