FAQs Regarding W-2 Forms

 January 30, 2018 — Dear Wallick Associates:

We’d like to address a few frequently asked questions regarding W-2’s.

Why have I received multiple W-2 pages?
Boxes 18 and 19 on your W-2 form can only contain one set of numbers. Therefore, if you pay multiple local taxes depending on where you work, where you live and if you pay school district taxes, those numbers must be entered into boxes 18 and 19. However, since only one set of numbers can be entered into each box, you received multiple W-2 pages.

Another reason for receiving multiple W-2s involves Kronos (our HR/payroll system used in the first half of 2017) and Columbus taxes. When your Columbus taxes were transferred from Kronos, these numbers were categorized as a resident of Columbus since the Kronos system couldn’t officially recognize if you were a Columbus resident or not. Now that we have switched HR/payroll systems, Dayforce is able to differentiate whether you’re a Columbus resident or non-resident. Therefore, this may have caused you to have both Columbus resident and non-resident taxes withheld. Thus, creating additional W-2 pages.

Why do I have two different W-2 forms, each recognizing only half of my earnings?
If you were previously part of Wallick Properties Southwest (communities with an 800 number) or Wallick Asset Management (corporate development team), your pay company was changed to Wallick after the company switched to Dayforce. Due to this change, you received one W-2 in the mail that includes earnings from the first half of the year. The second W-2 includes earnings from the second half of the year and needs to be printed off Dayforce. When you file your taxes, you must file as though you worked at two different companies in 2017.

If you’re unsure about whether you should have received a W-2 from Kronos, please review your first pay statement in Dayforce. If the year-to-date total on that statement is zero, then you should have gotten a second W-2 from Kronos by mail.

If you’re missing your W-2 for Kronos earnings from the first half of the year and have previously registered with the Ceridian tax site, please click here to access your W-2 form.  If you have not previously registered or do not know your login, please contact Judy Hagerman at jhagerman@wallick.com.